What happens to my information?

The information you put on your party registration is used to help you make your party a good one. It is forwarded to your friendly local community police so they know your party is happening. A police officer is likely to give you a call to check that you are all sorted with your organising and offer any advice they can. 

No details are stored on the Good One website at all, so other people using the Good One website will not be able see your party details or information.  

What happens next?

Your local police will get in touch with you, usually by phone, to have a quick chat about your party and what you have planned. They may also offer to arrange a time to come out and visit you before the party.

What happens on the night?

The police may pop past your party just to make sure every thing is going okay. If something does go a bit pear shaped you can call the police and they'll come to help out. Knowing the police officers (and them knowing you) makes it easier to sort things out.

Who is behind Good One?

Good One is an initiative backed by a number of community and government organisations including ACC, the Police, the Health Promotion Agency, Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drugs Service, Lincoln University, the University of Canterbury, Community and Public Health CDHB, University of Canterbury Students Association (UCSA), Lincoln University Students Association (LUSA) and CPIT.

Who is responsible for what happens at my party?

It’s your party, you have host responsibility. You have responsibility to organise a well managed party and encourage your guests to be well behaved. Registering your party does not mean the police take responsibility for, condone or in any way endorse your party. It is completely your responsibility. Good One and the police are here to help where possible and do our best to make sure every one stays safe. If you have to call Police for help on the night, they will endeavour to assist as soon as possible but this will depend on other work priorities.


Your party details and information will be added to the police information systems so we can pass it onto the people who will help keep you and the community safe. The only information we get is what you put on your Party Registration or give to us when we talk to you. 

The people who will get your information are the Police, Fire Service, and Noise Control Officer. Police may send it on to the Fire Service and Noise Control Officer so that they know you have registered your party and know who to talk to if they need to. That makes it easier for them to do their job and can have better outcomes for you. 

If you want to know more about what information we have about you and your party, or want to make changes to the information, please give the police a call on Ph 03 363 7400, and ask for the DCC staff who will help you.